FOH_APR_MAY (1)Fire Over Heaven: Jantar // Ras Moshe // Morgan Vo: May 18, 2017, 7:30-10pm

From our Fire Over Heaven curator Che Chen:

For this May installment of “Fire Over Heaven” we’re very pleased to present another eclectic bill of music. The evening will begin (and continue) with two solo sets, that couldn’t be more different. The evening will start off with a set of songs from Morgan Vo, the singing guitarist-poet that some of you may have caught as one of the entr’actes at 75 Dollar Bill’s Union Pool residency back in December. He’s been appearing sporadically with some terrific bands fleshing out the arrangements as of late, but this’ll be a rare chance to hear him solo. Next up will be a solo saxophone set from one of the stalwarts of NYC’s outre jazz scene, Ras Moshe. His tenor saxophone solo at the Ryan Walsh Memorial Concert in February was one of the most beautiful and quietly cathartic sets I’ve been witness to in recent memory, proof that there’s still plenty to be done on the instrument. Finally, Sunview Luncheonette “house band” and self-proclaimed easy listening experimentalists, Jantar, will close out the night. A band that takes many different forms, for this show they will be Tianna Kennedy, Chad Laird, Kirsten Nordine and Kelly Rudman. They’ve got a new record on the UK’s excellent MIE label too.

We hope you’ll join us, winter-turning-into-spring music to be sure…


7:30pm – Doors
8:00pm – Morgan Vo
9:00pm – Ras Moshe
10:00pm – Jantar

Suggested donation: $10

Morgan Vo
Boy, it’s cold outside! Is this the weak side of a new spring? Is this the decade that finally trips the seasons? Well, always time for a song. Morgan will sing some personal, some character, some folk; but all evening, rock-‘n-roll. He goes unaccompanied this set, on guitar and voice.

Ras Moshe
Ras Moshe Burnett (Theodore Burnett III) is a Jazz musician, saxophonist, poet, activist, teacher and returning student working toward a music therapy degree. His paternal Grandfather Ted Burnett (“Barnett” professionally) played Tenor and Alto Saxophones after his arrival from Jamaica in the early 1930’s. Ras’ father Yaakov Levi (Ted Burnett II) played Alto Sax, Flute and Bass Clarinet in the Brooklyn/Harlem area throughout the 70’s. Ras studied music in the public schools, (mentored in Jazz history by Don Payne in Junior High), and with his father and grandfather, eventually playing in reggae bands in the 80’s and early 90’s, then leading his own Jazz groups since 1987. Ras is a nine- year member of Bill Cole’s Untempered Ensemble featuring Warren Smith, Joseph Daley, Gerald Veasley, Althea Sully Cole and Lisette Santiago. Ras believes in the positive effect that Jazz and New Music can have on personal and socio-political life, and also utilizes Jazz for social movements in the Black community and human rights causes.
(Ras at 11:40)

Jantar is an experimental easy listening band from New York.