Outpost Artists Resources is a non-profit arts organization located in Ridgewood, Queens. We have been serving the arts community since 1990 providing access to video, sound services and new media assistance at well below market rates. In 2003, we began the Cuts and Burns Residency Program, which provides artists with free access to our facility including personal assistance by our staff of video editors, audio engineers, and computer programmers

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    Outpost Artists Resources supports new creative work through its residencies, and events – its mission is to serve artists in need of technical assistance with video, audio, and physical computing based art projects and to foster a dialogue between visual art and experimental music. Outpost hosts gallery exhibitions, artists talks, screenings and events that pair visual art, video, experimental music, and performance in an effort to bring adventurous audiences challenging interdisciplinary projects.

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    Fire Over Heaven: Gold Dime, Che Chen, David Watson, January 18, 7:30 - 10pm
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    DING3, Friday December 15, 7-9pm
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The Genealogy of the Grid
Artist/scholar Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D presents a talk on The Genealogy of the Grid in the context of the Checkered History exhibition on view at Outpost. Doors open 1pm for coffee and pastries. Talk in gallery October 18th, 2pm. Free.

Cognitive science, ontology, metaphysics, topology, digital media, ethics, and fair housing are all passions of this remarkable and thoughtful person. Hear her talk about the Checkered show and more, but we haven’t got a date yet. Stayed tuned. In the meantime, she wrote this: The grid, a long-lived human construct, has initiated some of the greatest changes the species has undergone since first it wove a fabric or tilled a field. This orthogonal arrangement of thread or lines on earth, plan, map, canvas or in abstract space has, with each iteration, proven instrumental in helping humans (re)orient themselves in a world it has helped them to (re)configure.

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