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Distributed Presence is a screening, performance, and panel event inviting artists, curators, and critics to explore the politics of media art within the context of representation of artists of color, and in consideration of all their intersecting identities.

Screenings and performances are curated by video and performing artist Samantha CC, organizer of ongoing series The Great BE, and will feature Jerome Austin Bwire, Alima Jennings, Miko Revereza, Ololade Adeniyi, and Alison Nguyen.

In addition to a discussion of the work presented during the event, panelists will address a range of topics, including the clash between an “obligation” to political content versus abstraction or other various subject matter, and how to ensure long term inclusivity in the art world rather than a temporary wave of tokenism.

December 20, 6-10pm 

Screenings & Performances: 6-8pm

Panel: 8pm 

Distributed Presence is a term that comes from advertising and media theory referring to a brand’s approach to disseminating their content over various media formats. Here we are using it to address the dissemination of ideas, aesthetics, and approaches to identity.