Made in Ridgewood features work by two groups of artists: the Ridgewood Artists Coalition, a loose amalgamation of artists who meet regularly to discuss and promote work by people who live and work in the neighborhood, along with the residents of OUTPOST Artists Resources, that houses five artists and musicians.

Opening reception: October 1, 6-9pm.
On view: October 1-22, 2016, noon-6pm.

Made in Ridgewood was created by way of an open call, for any artists living and working in Ridgewood, with some extension into neighboring Bushwick, to submit their work. The result is not completely exhaustive of those who submitted, and is not a complete representation of the complexity of the neighborhood, but it does act as a survey of artistic values in a densely complex area, as well as a testament to an act of dialogue. This dialogue takes place between people whose personal backgrounds and cultural identities may be considered disparate — a reflection of the vast range of people living in one of the most diverse urban areas in the world — but whose identities and lives meet at the crucial intersection of being artists.

Featured artists include: Yasmeen Abdallah, Kate Bae, Bill Bartholomew, Ethan Boisvert, Michele Witchipoo, Daniel Boventer, Mengwen Cao, Campy Dicks, Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Nathalie Di Sciascio, Elizabeth Donsky, Rachel Dove , Danielle Draik, Pablo García, Ida Gavois, Tim Gowan, Huisi He, Georgia Hinaris, Ji Hoon Kim , An Hu, Daniel Iliescu, Spadiode, Sandra Koponen, Molly Lambe , Connor Lawson, Deanna Lee, Stephen LewisChristina Massey, Varvara Mikushkina, David Nakabayashi, Sharilyn Neidhardt, James Peay, Joshua Pelletier, Kyle Andrew Phillips, Gabriela Rassi , Elizabeth Riley, George Rosa, Christopher Rose , Rebecca Rubinstein, Isabelle Schneider, Sara Schraeter, Farshid Shafiey, Vered Snear, Jeanette Spicer, Kelli Thompson, Jimmy Valdez Osaku, Allison Wade, Tyson Washburn, Chenli Ye, Beata Zalewski, Alex Drewchin, Greg Fox, Winslow Laroche, Jonah Rosenberg, Andrew Sutherland, Caterina Verde, David Wightman, Magin Schantz, and Libby Mislan.

Sculpture by Campy Dicks, courtesy of NURTUREart