Join us as artist/scholar Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D presents a talk on The Genealogy of the Grid, based on her essay on the subject, in the context of the Checkered History exhibition on view at Outpost. Doors open 1pm for coffee and pastries. Talk in gallery at 2pm. Free and open to the public.

Reynolds works explores the dynamic topologies of social and physical systems at the intersection of art, technoscience, and the humanities. Her recently completed dissertation “Depth Technology: Remediating Orientation” examines how the on-going shift from a vision-centered to a body-centered mode of perception, as facilitated by digital technology, promotes posthumanist (non-linear, fractal, topological) modes of thought. Her interactive sculptures have been shown in numerous galleries and she has been an invited speaker/panelist at venues here and abroad.

She has been a founding member of a number of organizations including the WOW theater collective in NYC, the LIVE/WORK COALITION for the preservation of artist’s housing in NYC and, along with artist Ann Hamilton, the Living Culture Initiative for the promotion of transdiscplinary art practices. She received her doctoral degree in December of 2012 in the field of Science and Technology Studies from The Ohio State University under the direction of mediologist/mathematician Brian Rotman.