“cathode / throat”

A program of realtime audio visual performances featuring:

David Watson

Richard Garet

C Tara Gladden
& David Glad

Luke DuBois
& Lesley Flanigan

Dafna Naphtali
& Benton C Bainbridge

David Linton

((((((((((( *iN tHis oRder…………….* )))))))))))

Door 7:30
Sets 8:00

Sliding Admission:

$6 for broke-ass artists
(don’t worry we know who you are)

$10 for anyone else…

distENDed cinema 2015 at Outpost Artists Resources
is curated by David Linton
& made possible by support from mediaThe foundation…


AND it seems there will be some MTA issues this weekend:

We will have no L-train between Lorimer and 8th Ave For distENDed cinema. Do not despair!
Here are the myriad alternatives for getting to Ridgewood!

Take MTA shuttle bus from all L stations from 8th Ave to Lorimer St.. L is running from Lorimer to Halsey. Take M to Myrtle/Wyckoff and walk 7 minutes/ 11 blocks up Wyckoff Ave. To Norman St.. Take A,C,J,Z to B’way Junction and transfer to L to Halsey…