Pressure Point

Opening October 4th, 7 – 10pm (7-8 free cocktail hour)

Mixed Media Group Exhibition

Soft pressure is a tactic that uses almost unconscious modes of cultural/social domination occurring within the every-day habits maintained over conscious subjects. The more artfully the propaganda is camouflaged the more it imperceptibly penetrates without being protested. These are the shrouded encounters at hand. The baroreceptors in the carotid artery are pressure-sensitive, supplying the brain with information to control systemic blood pressure. Even the softest slowest pressure against this precise region will send signals that indicate that blood pressure is too high, leading to a lowering of blood pressure –– sometimes bringing the heart rate to a complete stop. In Pressure Point I have brought together artists to demonstrate, with their concise concepts and skillful use of medium, an experiential analogy for the precision, knowledge, and dignity of kung fu and it’s soft pressure. The outcome is charged, collected, and delicately deadly.

–– Alexandra Drewchin, Curator

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Andrew Lauman

Andrew Sutherland

Idridi Ingolffson

Jesse Hlebo

James Moore

Jessie Stead

Patrick Spadine

Raul De Nieves

Rebecca Fin Simonetti