DARK CIRCUITS: Contemporary electronic music festival

As part of the Dark Circuits Music Festival, the electronic music trio Die Schrauber and duo of Michael Vorfield and Satoshi Takeshi will be performing at Outpost Friday, June 20th at 8pm!

The Dark Circuits Festival features performers who work in contemporary electronic music practices such as circuit bending, no-input mixers, laptops, turntablism, analogue circuitry, network sniffers, live coding and soldering, plus other instruments we may never have heard of yet.

Die Schrauber features veteran circuit bender Joker Niles from Cologne, Mario deVega from Mexico City on amplified objects and turntables, and Hans Tammen from New York on Endangered Guitar and live sound processing, “the trio produce a wide variety of dense musical textures and high energy interraction, with Paul Geluso channeling the trio’s sounds through his newly designed “3D Sound Object”.”

Michael Vorfeld and Satoshi Takeishi create sounds out of incandescent lights and various amplified objects to create an analog and multi-layered sound and light performance.

Check out the Facebook event here and RSVP!