Gamelan Son of Lion invites you to our performance at the Outpost on Friday evening December 13th at 8pm.

Program features new compositions by members of the band as well as a taste of traditional Java and Bali. Rounding out the program will be a video of “The Shadows of Treason” – the story of our famous traitor Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution with Javanese shadow puppets.

Gamelan Son of Lion is a composers’ collective performing both new music and traditional on the percussion instruments of the Javanese / Balinese gamelan. The instruments include gongs and drums of Indonesia and vibraphone-type keyboards made in America in indigenous tunings.

Gamelan Son of Lion: Barbara Benary, Laurie Bennett, David Demnitz, Kyle Farrell, Daniel Goode, Jody Kruskal, Skip LaPlante, Layne Negrin