We are presenting  proposals from artists, curators, activists, and scholars that have created a project involving technologies, everyday life and dystopian visions that could be oppose or complementary. We want to create a reflection social and political crisis as well the idea of contemporary art sphere approaching its practice and theoretical crisis. We said looking for because our proposal is going to be compliment by one or two more video installations created by local artist. This exhibition will consist of workshops, art exhibitions, and artist talks. For every event that we create we usually invite one high profile Latin American artist to interact with our local artistic community.

September 21st, 2012

video screenings:


Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, bi:t/

“bi:t/” by Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos; “Going” by Gwen MacGregor; “I tell the truth, even when I tell a lie…” by Jaret Vadera; “Dauphin 007” by Jonathan Monaghan; “Happy Moscow part 2” by Tatiana Istomina; “Above the Skyline”by Tessa Garland; “Flight of Memory” by Victoria Febrer & Pedro J. Padilla, “Vexed” by Zoran Drageli, “Mortality Rates” by Stephen John Ellis, and “Terremoto” by Shelley Jordon.

LIVE WebPerformance coming from Los Angeles by: Elizabeth Leister, performing “Demolition” a powerful and magical collapse of time and form, based on the Starr Theatre in New York City as it’s demolished brick by brick, until it slowly disappears. This performance plays with presence and absence using traditional and technological methods.

 September 22nd
performance by:

Mike Richison's "Exquisite E Pluribus Unum"

Mike Richison & Claudio Innocenti’s, “Exquisite E Pluribus Unum”, a live video-mixing performance of the American presidential candidates and campaigns using and creating debates between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. This non-partisan political rally/art performance samples words, phrases, breaths, pauses and other sounds and silences in order to build percussion tracks, melodies and solos, merging visual and auditory elements to create our own interpretation of the campaigns for the presidency, “one out of many.”

Body Sound Suit's Balam Soto

“Body Sound Suit” by Balam Soto is a technologically innovating art piece that uses a dance suit that captures human gestures/body movements and translates them into sounds and graphics. The body of the dancer becomes a generator of sound and visual imagery, where the dancer creates his/her own audio and visual environment. This Utopian vision of visual reality synchronizes control of all aesthetics, with the dancer creating a relationship between movement, music, and its visual environment.

Daniel Iglesia 's 24 Axis

Daniel Iglesia will close the evening with two short audiovisual performances of abstract and architectural landscapes to be seen with 3D glasses and performed in real time. Daniel will play live music and project visuals for his two pieces: “Cinematic Skyline Performance” and “24 Axes”

This is a proposal on contemporary new media art dedicated to develop an exhibition on dystopian or anti-utopian visions of contemporary culture. The actuality is charged with the historic episodes that begin with the utopian avant-garde perceived as complementary form of destructive consumerist capitalism, and finished with the anti-utopian orientation of the contemporary art.

Violin Solo by Mario Opazo

On both day we wil have an installation by  Mario Opazo a media and new media Chilean born artist who lives and represented Colombia during the previous versions of Havana and Venice Biennials. For Mario presentation we already receive a Grant for visiting artist from the Canada Council for The Arts. Solo de Violin / Violin Solo”, a video installation created during a trip to the prairies in southern Chile. The project establishes a utopian relationship between the artist and the human solitude in poetic way.

Curators: Arlan Londoño, and Julieta Maria from e-fagia organization; Gabriel Roldos from Fluid Media Lab